Thursday, November 18, 2010


"The blue made me so quiet tonight"


This was done on a piece of masonite I used as little table for my paint cups and other grimy work. And one day, pow I just saw this character looking for a way out. I love painting on used surfaces that have that used and abused feel to, and bringing something fresh to the surface.

"Queen Bee"

My sci-fi fixation. The future will be rule by the Queen Bee Huntress with their savage bug-bot drones.


"Burned out eye sockets burn into infinity with your acidic touch, never will an embrace will compare to what I've lost and continue to seek for"


"X represents the unknown of the blackness I have been searching in others and found empty souls looking into my whiteness becoming extinguished in the present to the nothingness, like a orgasm for a faceless lover."


The obvious is happening in this painting. The character is in anguish from his guts being pulled out, with demons and creatures that are his insides. Looking back at this older piece, I am impressed and almost disturbed by my own work. I know I was expressing a pain and anger I was going through the previous year and yet in hindsight, it wasn't that bad.

"Ego's Purgatory"

My first solo show at McCaig-Welles gallery was titled, "Ego's Purgatory" This piece was one the main showcased paintings. Violence was the theme, with the character caught in the turmoil of destruction.

"Blues Forever"

One of the blues series I did. This piece is special for me, I was really into the mystery of some of these blues musicians and really didn't know what attracted me to it. I found out years later my grandfather taught himself to play the piano and played the juke joints down south. I guess maybe I was channeling my ancestors.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Two of series of twenty or so pieces on this 12" by "12 masonite. I knocked this guys out like wildfire. All done in acrylic and Marsh ink. I don't use marsh ink anymore, the fumes got to me and I know (not just the ink) the chemicals have burned a hole in my head. But, these pieces were some of the first pieces where I just focused on the line work of my characters faces.

"Sacred Fruit"

"Sacred Fruit", a riff on the whole adam and eve story. I was digging through my mountain of reference and I saw a similar image and totally had to knock out this idea. But I wanted to portray it in a still life type of setting making the image and "Object" in reference of how woman are portrayed in the media. And the fruit larger than life as a shape. I used this image in a few other paintings, but this one is has more power in its simple setting. 

"Thinking of Logik"

I love this piece and the intention with a series of other small pieces like this was my attempt to mash graffiti graphics with fashion type imagery. I'm not sure if I was seeing something on the street that got me doing this kind of work or just an excuse to paint half naked girls.

"Spock vs Logik"

I was a huge trekie growing up and when I started writing graff I went through so many names and Logik stuck not just because the word is cool, because the personal association I have for the love of sci-fi and comics. This is a wild style alien graffiti piece from the Aerografia Planet ready to either destroy or have a lengthy conversation with Mr. Spock.

Atlanta, GA

Graff I did in Atlanta, GA. Love this city and the people!~

Monday, November 8, 2010


One of the first shows I had in NYC, was at this bar in the Lower East Side, was this hookah bar called Karma. Totally nutty experience and met some awesome people that I still know to this day. The show was called "Sweet Dreams", and the only reason I went with that because when I got the ok to do the show, for a whole day, where ever I went I heard that Eurtyhmics song, "Sweet Dreams" like 20 times.


Pieces I did while in college and from my first art show, "Encrypted Instinct" mpls, MN. Looking at this stuff now gets me really psyched to re-visit some of the sketch books from that time, pure naive attitude, and so ambitious. 


So, here we go! I created this blog to show the past, present and future endeavors of the artist LogikOne's artwork and creative happenings. I have created some work that most people will never see and I wanted to share some of this stuff with you and the world. A little bit of everything from sketches, graffiti, doodles, commercial work and lots of paintings from the past ten years, yes, I've held it down.
First off, I'm posting a piece I did back in 2000, "Pestilence outside my window", a piece that I did about paranoia and isolation, one of my favorite pieces owned by a collector in Minneapolis, MN. Peep and please come back to view updates!